Sustainable Tourism by NGO Para Ti
in Rio de Janeiro

Social project experience and guest house

A cultural and ethical tour

Beneficial for the community

and kids center Para Ti in Vila Canoas favela

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Do a beautiful experience of life, the tour is very important to help our kids

The community supports the tour because is involved in the project and in its benefits

Who We Are

We are the first pilot project in Rio of social experience made by an italian family

We speak English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese

Lidia Urani
Lidia Urani

Lidia is an educator, event organizer, animator, cultural researcher. She manages Para Ti for 25 years now. Bilingual Italian and Portuguese has grown between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro since she was born.

Mauro Villone
Mauro Villone

Mauro, for ten years co-director and vice president of Para Ti, is a writer, photographer, cultural researcher, organizer and longtime traveler. He has written books and blog about social and cultural themes.

About Para Ti NGO


The NGO Para Ti is a project of social assistance made 25 years ago by the Italian man Franco Urani, who was living in Brazil since already 50 years for Fiat automotive industrial operations. Seeing the "shacks" of the favela more and more closer to his house and sensitized about the serious situation, he decided to give assistance to this extremely poor people who lived there. Thanks also to funding from the European Union, by individuals and by the Municipality of Rio, he was able to realize a great and very important project of reform that became a pilot for all of Brazil. The extraordinary story is told in his autobiographical book "A possible revolution" and other information can be found in the web-page site.


Focus of the project is giving refuge and reinforcing school for children from 5 to 12 years. Today children benefit of various activities, such as proper nutrition, gastronomy and urban garden, art therapy, dance, theater, football, reinforcing school, juggling, meditation and others. This commitment have gradually complemented over time other cultural activities also targeting on adults as volunteering, meditation, yoga, indigenous culture, hiking, ecotourism.

"A wonderful social project in Rio de Janeiro"

TOUR | Experience

All the tours include the visit at the NGO Para Ti

Favela Para Ti Tour is a new experience, totally safe. Know the real Rio de Janeiro, the favelas, the popular lifestyle, the social and natural environment.

The favela tours include a visit to our Para Ti NGO, where you can, on request, do a solidarity experience for a few hours or several days.

The Favela Para Ti Tour project is intended to support all educational and cultural activities to help children of the Vila Canoas and Rocinha favelas and their families.
Rio, un altro sguardo

Lidia Urani e Mauro Villone

Rio, un altro sguardo. A different look.

Lidia Urani e Mauro Villone

Il misterio della libertá

Mauro Villone

Una Rivoluzione possibile

Franco Urani


Tour Favela Vila Canoas

Tour Favela da Rocinha

Tour Floresta da Tijuca

Other experiences Para Ti

Lunch in Favela and Aperitif in the terrace / Happy hour

Volunteering and solidarity experiences

Samba Lessons


Free ! For kids Under 6 years

Walking and Car Tours

Group Tours

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Private Tours

Guest house

Para Ti Guesthouse is not only hospitality, but a lifetime experience. The charming rooms are immersed in the National park of Tijuca forest to 400 meters from one of the most beautiful beaches of Rio: San Conrado. Ipanema and Copacabana are 15/20 minutes by car. Para Ti organizes excursions in the forest, in the favelas, on the beaches, in the schools of samba, in cafes and in all the other attractions of Rio, even the less well-known. With the staff of Para Ti is possible to know the real life of Rio. On request you can enjoy Brazilian cuisine or Italian.

Despite its tranquility the house is strategically close to both the targets of cultural and tourist centers of South Zone as sports scenarios that will be the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Supermarket, bus, taxi, metro (still under construction) are at short distance down the street.


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Rio de Janeiro.

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